Founded in 2004, Valtiendas is a geographical indication used to describe wines originating in the Ribera del Río Duratón passing through the province of Segovia. It is located around the town of Valtiendas and is adjacent to the region of the designation of origin Ribera del Duero, Castile and León, Spain. The denomination of origin protected Valtiendas is located entirely in the North of the province of Segovia, grouped around the Moors that skirt and wrestle with las hoces del Río Duratón mythical.

The Soil

The vineyards of they are at an altitude of 900 metres, which makes wines more fruity and have higher acidity than its neighbors of the Ribera del Duero. Valtiendas shared terrain, climate and with the Ribera del Duero D.O. grape varieties. However, the differentiating nuance contributing Valtiendas wines occurs thanks to the land “of gravel” on which settle their vines, with boulders that enable the drainage of the water, but then avoid evaporation, and clay in the bottom layer that retains moisture. Sandy soils with gravel on the surface – pebbles and gravel – clayey bottom with good drainage.

The Weather

The climate in the Valley of the Duratón ranges from the extreme cold of the plateau during the winter with minimum of – 15 ° C, and the heat and dryness of the summer when regularly exceed the 35 º. Also the 900 meters of average altitude (750 meters in the Valley of the Duero), is situated this region on the border of the wine. This translates into a slow ripening with low production per hectare, but also in the complex structure and great nuance of its wines


Vineyard surface: 4000 hectares.

White varieties: Albillo.

Red varieties: Tempranillo *, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvingnon, Merlot and Syrah red and rosé wines must have a 50% Tempranillo